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Enbridge Workers Charged in Underage Trafficking Sting

A Survivor's View on Missing and Murdered Indigenous People: A healing Journey of Raising Survivor and Grassroots Warrior Voices 

Part 1

Part 2 of A Survivor's View on MMIP: The Correlation Between Pipelines and Human Trafficking: A Healing Journey of Raising Survivor and Grassroots Warrior Voices 

Coming Soon, survey is LIVE and interviews are being scheduled. If interested in being feautured please contact me for the consent form. 


Significance of the Study: Sex trafficking and extractive industries are linked to the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People. This study comes from a survivor’s voice because I am a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. All three directly correlate with the epidemic of Missing and Murdered People. Because survivors have critical expertise on the topic it is important for survivor’s voices to be heard. Frontline water protectors have been portrayed in the media as reckless and dangerous. Frontline warriors are strong, persistent and resilient. This study highlights frontline warriors and shines light on their fight and resistance from a survivors point of view and not the mainstream media. 


​Objectives of the Research: To heighten the voices of survivors, frontline warriors and give them the power to reclaim their voices, to have their voices heard from their point of view and not the mainstream media. To bring awareness to the epidemic because these are issues that are all too often left in the dark. This study raises the voices of frontline warriors, with the objective to change the narrative that pipelines are safe. As Pete Stauber said “Line 3 is the safest pipeline in America”. This study aims to prove that wrong. To prove the media wrong,that frontline workers are not only protecting the water, but protecting our people for generations to come. 


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